7 Surprising Steps to Turning Your County into an Historic Victory in 2018


Your county vote can shock and surprise the political establishment.


Out of nowhere, you can mobilize enough votes to win in 2018-2020.


The Republican Party made it happen in 2016, when Donald Trump shocked the nation by winning the Presidential election with the help of the Evangelical vote.


Now, it can happen again—even in California.


And, the Judeo-Christian Caucus would like to work with you on this mission.

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Here are 7 surprising steps we can take  
in November … and beyond:


Surprising Step #1:

Mobilize the Christian Evangelical vote and we will see California revived.”


Let’s look at what is possibly our nation’s most surprising, shocking, winning strategy - How Donald Trump mobilized the Evangelical vote:


  •     Donald Trump was able to get people registered who had never registered before!
  •    He was able to get low-propensity voters (those who don’t normally register or vote), and those who had never voted before to the polls!
  •    Donald Trump won 81% of the vote!
  •    The Evangelical vote was massive—under-the-radar to the experts, polls and the media!

Trump targeted key states, such as Wisconsin and Michigan, that everyone expected would go Democrat. But they didn’t, because of the Evangelical vote!

How Trump Reshaped The Election Map

New registered votes. Low-propensity voters turned out.


Read on, because we can duplicate this in your area…


Surprising Step #2:
“The fastest, easiest way to register voters.”


Part of Trump’s effort was to register voters.


He discovered the easiest way to register Conservatives to vote is through the churches.


There are 14 million Evangelical Christians in California.

48% are not registered to vote.


Take a look at the graphic below to see the breakdown:

Voting Statistics

Our experience is that when we implement the policies below, we’re able to gather tens of thousands of new registered voters in your area.


Which brings us to…


Surprising Step #3:
“Mobilizing pastors and Christian leaders.”


Donald Trump and his team mobilized Evangelical pastors, Christian leaders, and church members to help get out the vote in record numbers.

Trump not only produced the historic 81% Evangelical vote but also a hefty 7-14% increase in total voter turnout from the low-propensity Evangelicals that no one saw coming.


Take a look at the chart below to see how Trump received an historically high percentage of votes from Evangelicals:

Evangelical Vote

Now, we want to duplicate this in your area…


Surprising Step #4:
“Mobilize the churches in your area.”


The Judeo-Christian Caucus can help you with a historic win in 2018 by providing faith-based voter guides that show a comparison between each of the candidates in your county and the state - including judges - on where they stand on key issues of importance to Judeo-Christian voters.


In addition, we can show you how to activate churches in your area.


Election Forum speakers can come to churches on Sunday morning or for a mid-week service and go down the ballot in a non-partisan way to explain to church members how to vote their values.

Election Forum Speakers

Our experience is that this works powerfully well for Hispanic, Asian and other churches … We’ve had people coming up in tears because they never knew how to vote their values before.



For the first time, they voted contrary to what their Union said, or their family tradition.


And, we will show you how to maximize voter registration -  where 81% will vote with us!


Plus, you’ll see how easy it is to create - “Salt & Light” - Biblical Citizenship Ministries at churches to help educate voters on key issues and engage the culture.

Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries

This is the core of how you could win in 2018. But to make this a reality, the Judeo-Christian Caucus will…



Surprising Step #5:
“Help mobilize your church members on key issues.”


The Judeo-Christian Caucus will provide you with materials and necessary tactics to be able to create church alliances on key issues.

For example, the Christian community mobilized in large numbers over Assembly Bill 2943, the “Ban the Bible” bill, and the legislation was stopped cold for the rest of the year.


This momentum can create an army of new registered voters, volunteers and donors.


AB 2943 is just one of many issues that cause outrage among pastors and church members. Once they hear about these issues, they are infuriated with Sacramento politicians.


The Judeo-Christian Caucus will equip you to build alliances and activate the black community, Hispanic pastors, and more.


Plus, you’ll get expert help from our leadership.



Surprising Step #6:
“Marketing to Judeo-Christian believers made easy.”


We’ll show you how to do marketing in your county for a very low cost.

We’ll show you how to geo-fence people who go to churches, so you can reach them directly with very tight marketing budgets.


We’ll show you how to target those with Judeo-Christian values with digital, radio and direct mail.


No guessing - just answers. But that’s not all…



Surprising Step #7:
“Get out the Vote (GOTV)”


We’ll show you how to tie all the above together with get-out-the-vote tactics to help defeat Progressives in 2018.


We want your help in bringing the Republican party into our mission and vision.



How to Get Started: 3 Simple Steps


The Judeo-Christian Caucus was founded by Dran Reese, Steve Frank, and Craig Huey. All three are GOP delegates and leaders with long histories of success.


Here are 3 simple steps you can take right now to help us defeat progressives in California:


  1.  1. First, look at this Special Report
    “7 Steps to Mobilizing the Judeo-Christian Vote.”

It’s a blueprint for Republican victory. You can get a free copy! 


  1.  2. Sign up for a Free Webinar “Battle for Votes”

Learn how to mobilize the vote in your county and stop progressives from sliding our state into socialism.


  1.  3. Call Craig Huey or Dran Reese at (310)212-5727.

We will explain how we can help you change your county and how we can help.


Join us today! You could help make California great again – shocking the Progressives and helping to reclaim the California dream!

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