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Our Mission

The Judeo-Christian Caucus acts on behalf of those who desire to uphold our Judeo-Christian faith in government. We do so by mobilizing the vote on the key issues that affect our Judeo-Christian faith and heritage in America such as religious liberty, Israel, the persecuted church and pro-family Issues.

The evidence is overwhelming that America is a Judeo-Christian culture and is the very foundation of this nation. It, along with our Constitution, must be protected and preserved.

— Judeo-Christian Caucus

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E-booklet – Pulpits, Pastors & Politics


Videos Regarding Pastors’ Rights

Learn the rights pastors have to speak on political issues and candidates, all while keeping their tax exempt status.
3 min. 15 sec.

Why are we quiet? Dr. Jim Garlow discusses the challenges we face for Pastors speaking about tough issues in today’s times. 8 min. 57 sec.