Tables are turning away from America’s decidedly Judeo-Christian support system at breakneck speed. Dire consequences threaten issues close to the hearts of those who revere Judeo-Christian values including religious liberty, Israel, educating our youth, marriage, and life Issues. 

While those opposed to a Biblical worldview win office and push lawlessness, followers of God remain surprisingly quiet, the silence deafening and fueled by a deeply-rooted, decades-old lie: Religion does not belong in politics. 

Au contraire, politics is defined as governmental authority over a land, and that is a righteous calling. By abandoning principled action to the culture, we created a void quickly coopted by those not only lacking Godly values, but brazenly quick to defy them. 

At fault is not politics, but corruption. Corruption occurs when instead of obeying God, people follow that which is manmade, giving power to men and women who marginalize God’s Law. That is corrupt. And, Biblical usurpers will continue to rule over America—us and our children—as long as we let them. This would be fuel for a Hollywood dystopian movie, if that industry wasn’t largely promoting it. 

God gave us His Law as embodied in Ten Commandments. Topping the list are instructions to worship only God and not take His name in vain. A list of “donts” follows: don’t murder, don’t commit adultery (you can lump all the sexual “don’ts” in there), don’t steal, don’t lie, and don’t covet your neighbor’s goods. 

Both Judaism and Christianity recognize these as good and right Biblical boundaries on human behavior, a foundation of all that defines America that determined our nation’s freedom and prosperity. However, a vocal minority has gained positions of legislative power and is now moving those ancient lines.  

The slide from God’s truth reared its ugly head in 1954 with the Johnson Amendment. Congress gave the IRS the right to persecute places of worship if they endorsed candidates. From there it was easy for the Supreme Court to begin ruling against Judeo-Christian values. We allowed singular rulings that changed the face of America, three of the most damaging aimed at our children:

Removed prayer from public education
(RULING: Unconstitutional for state officials to compose an official school prayer and encourage its recitation in public schools. PLAINTIFF: Steven Engel, New York parent / DEFENDANT: William Vitale, the school board president)

Removed the Bible from public education
(RULING: Declared school-sponsored Bible reading in public schools in the United States to be unconstitutional. PLAINTIFF: Edward Lewis Schempp and family / DEFENDANT: Abington School District)

1973: ROE V. WADE:
Allowed Unrestricted Access to Abortion
(RULING: Unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion is unconstitutional. PLAINTIFF: Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe / DEFENDANT: Henry Wade, district attorney of Dallas County, TX, where Roe resided)

Separated from God’s Word, one person’s vice becomes another person’s virtue; one person’s hero another’s villain. Within decades, the sacred is forgotten. The Bible, Old and New Covenants, tells us there will be an end to this age; it certainly seems near, but only the Father knows the moment. In the meantime, we may be looking at Humanism’s finest American hour. Let’s shorten its time span—considerably—shall we? 

Join the Judeo-Christian Caucus—there is strength in numbers. Our elected officials cannot stand alone. They need to know we corporately, and individually, have their backs. Be silent no more. Partner with us today!