U.S.-Israel Relationship

The U.S.-Israel relationship is built on an unshakable commitment to shared values and interests. America and Israel are sister democracies dedicated to the rule of law, human rights, and freedoms of speech and religion.

The United States has long defined Israel’s survival and security as important to its own national interests. As part of the strategic partnership, America provides Israel—the Middle East’s sole democracy—with security assistance so that it can defend itself, by itself, against mounting security threats. In turn, Israel works with the U.S. government sharing technologies and techniques that greatly benefit both nations in the realms of defense technology, homeland security, counterterrorism and cybersecurity. [Read "The U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership" from AIPAC's 2017 Briefing Book].

Together, America and Israel face numerous shared challenges. But close strategic, economic, political and diplomatic ties between them ultimately further U.S. interests, promote regional peace and enhance the security and safety of both nations.

Commitment to Democracy
The U.S.-Israel relationship is a deep and natural alliance between two democracies that share a commitment to the rule of law, freedom of religion and speech and human rights.

Strategic Allies
Long-standing U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation allows the two allies to face common threats, including terrorism and weapons proliferation. Israeli innovation in the defense and homeland security areas has helped protect American soldiers abroad and civilians at home.

Economic Partnership
Joint U.S.-Israel research and trade has helped strengthen the economies of both nations. Joint research programs and a Free Trade Agreement – the first between the United States and any country – have spurred collaboration, innovation and commerce between the allies.